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 It is called little Kyoto in Miyazaki.In the Edo period, it was prosperous as the bourg.It is possible to walk in Obi castle Ootemon, the Hanko and at the according to the samurai residence.It becomes the feeling as it came to the world of the Samurai movie.Tasting here in "Obi heaven" by all meansObi heaven adds the minced fish and the brown sugar of the fish such as the flying fish kite horse mackerel and so on and with the peculiar tempura makes a leaf type and to rise up by it, it resembles fried fish paste.It is possible to eat in the eating place in Obi town.It is possible to buy as the souvenir.

Location  Miyazaki Prefecture Nichinan City Obi
Institution  The store, the public restroom, the museum, the meal shop
Traffic  If going from the Miyazaki City town, it is about 60 kilometers in the line of the number of 220 of the national road, 222.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Nichinan City office of tourism