Ebino-kogen and Karakunidake

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 Summer however, Ebino-kogen is the cool highland of 20 degrees of mean-air-temperatures.There is an immovable pond near the entrance of the mountaineering of Karakunidake.There is a pond of the color of the beautiful sea of 700 meters around in the immovable pond.In the mountains on Kirisima, the altitude is the highest and Karakunidake is 1700 meters.It reaches the top within about 1.5 hours from Ebino-kogen.The day to have brightened, Sakurashima, too, can be viewed.

Location  Miyazaki Prefecture Ebino City oaza is long.
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from the Miyazaki-expressway and Kobayashi IC, it is about 12 kilometers in the prefectural highway 1 number line.
Parking  Being (As for Ebino-kogen, the charged, the Karakunidake starting point for a climb are free of charge).
Reference  The Ebino City government office