The Toyotomi-cho large-scale green pasture

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 The vast pasture of 1,400,000 ㎡ which are in the east side in Toyotomi-choAbout 6000 cows are grazed to the hill of Midori in the limit to survey.At the roadside restaurant, the milk which is gathered at Genghis Khan and in this place is very popular.

Location  Hokkaidou Toyotomi-cho
Institution  Roadside restaurant ""SAROBETU"", the restroom
Traffic  It enters the left in the intersection with the Hokkaidou road 121 number line which went through opposite, the toyotomi spa from the Toyotomishigai place in the Hokkaidou road 84 number line if going.
Parking  30 (Free of charge)
Reference  The Toyotomi-cho office of tourism