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Area Place
Asahikawa City  The Asahikawa University snow local beer building  The Asahikawa Chinese noodle  The Asahikawa winter festival  Asahiyama-zoo
Biei-cho  The road of the patchwork  The Tokachidake Nozomi mountain stand  The glass roll  The hill view park in the northwest  JR Biei station  Ken's and Merry's tree  The "KIGARASI" field  The hill of Mild Seven  The tree of the parent and child  The roller coaster road  The sanai-no-oka view park  The tree of Seven Stars  The shinei's hill view park  The Shirakaba highway
Bifuka-cho  The Bifuka lorry kingdom  It is a No. 49 line all the way.  The Izumi parking area
Furano City  The Ampamman shop  The Furano jam Garden mutual aid farm  The Furano wine factory  The Furano wine house  "From the country in the north" museum  The Rokugou observatory
Hamatonbetsu-cho  The veneer primordial flower garden  Kutcharo-ko Lake  The hill of the clover
Higashikawa-cho  Asahidake  The Asahidake ropeway
Horonobe-cho  Horonobe Visitor Center  The wind power generator group road of Hokkaido 106 number line/the popular name ororonline road
Horonobe-cho, Toyotomi-cho, Wakkanai City  The ororonline road road of Hokkaido 106 number line
Kamifurano-cho  The frontier furanui spa  The hinode park  The lodge KAMIHOROSOU (The Tokachidake spa)  The senbou mountain pass parking park  The Tokachidake parking area
Kamikawa-cho  The waterfall in the galaxy and the meteor  The Ginsendai observatory  Kamikawa park  Soun-kyo  The Soun-kyo ropeway
Minamifurano-cho  JR Ikutora station  The kanayama lake
Nakafurano-cho  Nakafurano town-run lavender Garden  Farm Tomita
Nakatonbetsu-cho  It is a No. 120 line all the way.
Nakatonbetsu-cho, Horonobe-cho  The shirikoma moutain pass
Rebun-cho  The rebun island/Jizo rock  The rebun island/Nekoiwa  The rebun island/Momoiwa observatory  The rebun island/the sky cape  The rebun island/Cape Sukoton
Shibetsu City  The iwaonai lake
Toyotomi-cho  The sarobetsu primordial flower garden  The Toyotomi-cho large-scale green pasture  The toyotomi spa touch center
Wakkanai City  The nosyappu cape  Onuma Soya  The rishiri island observatory road of Hokkaido 106 number line/popular name "ORORONRAI"  The Soya hill blade  The souya cape  The Soya's touch park  The Wakkanaikou north groyne dome  The Wakkanai park
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The North Hokkaido district
Wakkanai City / Sarufutsu Village / Hamatonbetsu Town / Nakatonbetsu Town / Esashi Town / Toyotomi Town / Rebun Town / Rishiri Town / Rishirifuji Town

Asahikawa City / Shibetsu City / Nayoro City / Furano City / Takasu Town / Higashikagura Town / Tohma Town / Pippu Town / Aibetsu Town / Kamikawa Town / Higashikawa Town / Biei Town / Kamifurano Town / Nakafurano Town / Minamifurano Town / Shimukappu Village / Wassamu Town / Kenbuchi Town / Shimokawa Town / Bifuka Town / Otoineppu Village / Nakagawa Town

Rumoi City / Mashike Town / Obira Town / Tomamae Town / Haboro Town / Shosanbetsu Village / Enbetsu Town / Teshio Town / Horonobe Town

The East Hokkaido district
Abashiri City / Bihoro Town / Tsubetsu Town / Shari Town / Kiyosato Town / Koshimizu Town / Saroma Town / Oozora Town

Kitami City / Kunneppu Town / Oketo Town

Monbetsu City / Engaru Town / Kamiyuubetsu Town / Yuubetsu Town / Takinoe Town / Okoppe Town / Nishiokoppe Village / Omu Town

Nemuro City / Betsukai Town / Nakashibetu Town / Shibetsu Town / Rausu Town

Kushiro City / Kushiro Town / Akkeshi Town / Hamanaka Town / Shibecha Town / Teshikaga Town / Tsurui Village / Shiranuka Town

Obihiro City / Otofuke Town / Shihoro Town / Kamishihoro Town / Shikaoi Town / Shintoku Town / Shimizu Town / Memuro Town / Nakasatsunai Village / Sarabetsu Village / Taiki Town / Hiroo Town / Makubetsu Town / Ikeda Town / Toyokoro Town / Honbetsu Town / Ashoro Town / Rikubetsu Town / Urahoro Town

The center Hokkaido district
Sapporo City / Ebetsu City / Chitose City / Eniwa City / Kitahiroshima City / Ishikari city / Tobetsu Town / Shinshinotsu Village

Yuubari City / Iwamizawa City / Bibai City / Ashibetsu City / Akabira City / Mikasa City / Takikawa City / Sunagawa City / Utashinai City / Fukagawa City / Nanporo Town / Naie Town / Kamisunagawa Town / Yuni Town / Naganuma Town / Kuriyama Town / Tsukigata Town / Urausu Town / Moseushi Town / Chippubetsu Town / Uryu Town / Hokuryu Town / Numata Town / Horokanai Town

Otaru City / Shimamaki Village / Suttsu Town / Kuromatsunai Town / Rankoshi Town / Niseko Town / Makkari Village / Rusutsu Village / Kimobetsu Town / Kyogoku Town / Kucchiyan Town / Kyowa Town / Iwanai Town / Tomari Village / Kamienai Village / Shakotan Town / Furubira Town / Niki Town / Yoichi Town / Akaigawa Village

The South Hokkaido district
Muroran City / Tomakomai City / Noboribetsu City / Date City / Toyoura Town / Sobetsu Town / Shiraoi Town/ Atsuma Town / Toya-ko Lake Town / Abira city / Mukawa Town

Hidaka Town / Biratori Town / Niikappu Town / Urakawa Town / Samani Town / Erimo Town / Shinhidaka Town

Hakodate City / Hokuto city / Masaki Town / Fukushima Town / Shiriuchi Town / Kikonai Town / Nanae Town / Shikabe Town / Mori Town / Yakumo Town / Oshiyamanbe Town

Esashi Town / Kaminokuni Town / Assabu Town / Otobe Town / Okushiri Town / Imakane Town / Setana Town

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