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 The cape at the Japanese northernmost tipThere is a store of the northernmost tip reaching certificate, the northernmost tip Chinese noodle and so on.There is a machan where old Japanese military watched over the Russian armada in the place to have climbed a hill.At present, it becomes an observatory.The stairs are careful in the footing because they are narrow and are steep.
There is "the roadside restaurant armeria" at the end of the hill and the food of Soya beef is eaten.
Actually, the true Japanese northernmost tip is not souya cape and the desert island, "Bentenjima" in 5 minutes, is a Japanese northernmost tip with the ship from the souya cape."Bentenjima" is in the right at the souya cape.
The day to have brightened, silhouette of island in Russian Federation Sakhalin state which is in the 43-kilometer distance from the souya cape is seen.

Location  Hokkaidou Wakkanai City Oomisaki
Institution  The monument, the store, the roadside restaurant, the restroom are three (On the oceanside, the side of the land, the hilltop).
Traffic  The national road 238 number line If going fromWakkanai, it is about 31 kilometers.
Parking  130 (Free of charge)
Reference  The Wakkanai office of tourism