The sarobetsu primordial flower garden

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 Sarobetsu Genya is serviced as the national park.There is a way of promenading.In Visitor Center, it is introducing the bloom which clumps in Sarobetsu Genya, an inhabiting bird and so on.At the neighbor store, "the Kushi potato" is sold, and the coating is done in the one which was elaborated with milk and the flour and is delicious.

Location  Hokkaidou Toyotomi-cho
Institution  Visitor Center, the restroom, the store, the esplanade
Traffic  The Hokkaidou road 444 number line If going from the Hokkaidou road 106 number line,the national road 40 number line, there is a guide-sign.
Parking  30 (Free of charge)
Reference  The Toyotomi-cho office of tourism