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 Biei station building which was made with Biei bread stone which is produced in Biei-cho is beautiful.In the summer, the sightseeing bus of the hill traveling around Biei leaves this place.There is "the building of the information on the four seasons" just nearby and it is possible to get the tourist map and it can consult on the sightseeing.In the convenience store in front of the station, a potato is sometimes sold.There is this commerce shop town near Biei station.The building with the construction which this commerce shop town unified is beautiful.As for the building, a view is kept by the unification standard in Biei bread stone, the signboard about the Misumi roof, 90 centimeters of the floor.A foundation year at the store is shown in the upper part at the building.

Location  Hokkaidou Biei-cho
Institution  The restroom, it is sightseeing information spot "the building of the information on the four seasons", a convenience store nearby.
Traffic  -
Parking  It uses public parking space in front of the station.
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