Asakusa kaminarimon, Tokyo

Asakusa where Edo flavor is left in Tokyo is always full of tourists.

asakusa kaminarimon

Todai-ji Temple, Nara

Todai-ji Temple is registered with world's cultural heritage.

Todai-ji temple

Nara park UKIMIDO, Nara

A cherry tree reflected in the pond is very beautiful.

Kofuku-ji Temple, Nara

The Buddhist image sculpture stored up has the value of seeing.

Kofuku-ji temple
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Kamoenai hot spring spa, Hokkaido

7 月 3rd, 2008 by mastor | 0

It is the hot spring institution which the west of syakotan Peninsula, kamoenai village administer.

[Refreshment plaza onsen 998]
There are an indoor bathroom and outdoor bath. There are Jacuzzi bus, a sauna in bathroom. Salinity is very thick and understands that a hot spring ingredient accumulates to the deep water of the bathtub, a drainage. When I hit the beak of the hot spring with a hand and lick the bath with a tongue, I understand that salinity is dark in what is salty intensely. Because salt is dark, a body warms very much.

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