Asakusa kaminarimon, Tokyo

Asakusa where Edo flavor is left in Tokyo is always full of tourists.

asakusa kaminarimon

Todai-ji Temple, Nara

Todai-ji Temple is registered with world's cultural heritage.

Todai-ji temple

Nara park UKIMIDO, Nara

A cherry tree reflected in the pond is very beautiful.

Kofuku-ji Temple, Nara

The Buddhist image sculpture stored up has the value of seeing.

Kofuku-ji temple
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Niseko annupuri hot spring spa, Hokkaido

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[ Niseko annupri onsen "Yugokorotei" ]

The hot spring inn which there is near a Niseko annupuri international skiing area. The use only for hot spring bathing is possible.
The ski resort where nideko is world-famous.
In search of dry snow called powder snow, a skier visits it from all over the world.

[ Institution ]
There are a receptionist lobby, a stand, a restaurant, a bathroom in the first floor. The second floor is a guest room. Building is very functional. At the inn which the craft beer company runs, direct marketing product such as craft beer or the milk of Niseko is sold at a stand.

[ Hot spring ]
There are an indoor bathroom and the large outdoor bath of 100% source disposable things. Because it is considerably hot, in the indoor bathroom, it is hard this one is long, and to take a bath. Because the outdoor bath is just good temperature, I let you forget that time stands for the bathing while I watch a star-filled sky.

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