Asakusa kaminarimon, Tokyo

Asakusa where Edo flavor is left in Tokyo is always full of tourists.

asakusa kaminarimon

Todai-ji Temple, Nara

Todai-ji Temple is registered with world's cultural heritage.

Todai-ji temple

Nara park UKIMIDO, Nara

A cherry tree reflected in the pond is very beautiful.

Kofuku-ji Temple, Nara

The Buddhist image sculpture stored up has the value of seeing.

Kofuku-ji temple
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Moerenuma park in hokkaido,Japan

6 月 7th, 2008 by mastor | 0

Moerenuma park is the park which Isamu Noguchi who is an artist designed.
A vast park is dotted with the mountain, the art object, the playground equipment facilities, the fountain with artistic population and so on.

It began development from 1982 and it completed it in 2005.
If seeing completely, in the required time, it is 4 hours. Specifically, the fountainshow which is done at “the fountain on the sea” is must-see.
Because it is only to be implemented in the time of 1 piece of the number of days, let’s check start time beforehand.

When I go to Moerenuma park by bus, I walk a promenade from a municipal road.
I join a parking lot in foot around 5 minutes, and diversity of a park institution enters view at here slowly.

From the area of the bridge across “MOERE” marsh, a pyramid of the glass is seen in the right side. Mt. moere is seen in the left side.
I go up the slope from the area that passed through a walk, the grove for a while in a grove to the Mt. moere.

The Mt. moere is meters above the sea level 62 meters. It is a mountain of the existence of the landmark of the park. I can view the Sapporo city other than whole view in the park from the mountaintop.
Because wind is very strong, the mountaintop will warn you so that a body is not blown off.

I go down the linear stairs from the Mt. moere to the outdoor stage. I will look back toward the Mt. moere here.
The outdoor stage goes with a lozenge at the corner and goes up the gentle slope.

The tetra mound is the molding that built stainless steel of a diameter of 2 meters to a tetrahedron of 13 meters in height.
The stainless steel is improved by unique finish and I reflect light and show various expressions.

The music shell which there is beside a tetra mound. The inside becomes a restroom and the waiting room for stage performers.

The play mountain is a pyramid of 30 meters in height-shaped slightly elevated mountain.
I am lower than the Mt. moere, but, in this place, in the top, wind is strong.
I can climb the top in flat mountain climbing road or pyramid stairs.

Forest of Cherry Trees is the area that linked seven places of playground equipment institutions in a mall in the forest.
With the playground equipment which Mr. Isamu Noguchi oneself designed, children play around in rollick.

The moere Beach which imaged a beautiful beach is a pond paved with the coral which can swim.
Circumference has a shop. The surroundings of the beach become the place of recreation and relaxation for family.

Glass Pyramid “HIDAMARI” has an atrium, Isamu Noguchi gallery and event space, a restaurant, a shop.
A pyramid of the glass introduces the cooling system which used the snow and the fresh air introduction that accumulated in the winter season so that temperature does not become higher in the summertime to take light of the sun. I attract attention as the structure which considered environmental protection.

The stage which can watch the fountain program how Sea Fountain such as “the sculpture of the water” imaged the sea.
A flow of the water varies from a fountain such as slow fog to surf, ripples in a fountain of the height of 25 meters, the desolate sea, sandy beach.
Let’s confirm it with a message board before the fountain of an official site and the sea in a different thing by a season in driving time. There are a program of 40 minutes and short program of 15 minutes.
The program of 40 minutes is long, but is worth looking.

Park guidance:
  • Address: Hokkaidou Sapporoshi “MOERE” marsh park 1-1
  • Hours: 7:00-22:00 (Park entrance closed at 21:00)
  • Open: Throughout the year
  • Parking Fees: Free
  • Admisson: Free
  • Traffic: It goes via the national road 12 number, the national road 275 number, the Hokkaidou road 88 number line and it is 30 minutes to the Nakanuma area in sankakuten-street.
  • Map links: “Moerenuma park” on Google maps
  • Official web site: Moerenuma park

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