The tokiwa-ike pond

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 The tokiwa-ike pond is the pond which was made for the lord in Ube to secure water for the irrigation system.The 87-hectare area, the maximum water depth are the maximum size of Yamaguchi Prefecture at 10.4 meters.A lot of swans settle in the pond.There are a wide park, an amusement park and a zoo where there is playground equipment in neighbor Tokiwa park.In the spring, Sakura blooms.Of the sight to see in flagrant Sakura however, it is in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Location  Yamaguchi Prefecture Ube City Norisada
Institution  The park, the amusement park, the botanical garden, the zoo
Traffic  It gets off Yamaguchiube road and Tokiwa IC and once
Parking  Being (Charged for) The parking lot which gets off the Yamaguchiube road and is in the place at once is free of charge if it is within the 30 first minutes.
Reference  Tokiwa park