Kintai-kyo Bridge

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 It is one of the Japanese 3 strangeness bridges at Kibashi of the 5 ream arch which hangs over Nishikigawa.The 193.3-meter length, the 5-meter width, the 6.64-meter height of the bridge abutmentUnexpectedly, it is the bridge which is a steep slope.Let's go with the shoes which are easy to walk.It goes under the bridge, it sees the reverse, too, by all means and it wants it.It is reinforcing minute Kumiki at the volume money.The building completes to 2004 pieces of Toshiharu and is the 3rd charge in the present.There is Sakura Namiki in the flood plain, it the photograph takes a bridge with Sakura and it is a recommendation.

Location  Yamaguchi Prefecture Iwakuni City
Institution  The gift shop, the dining facility
Traffic  It gets off the Sanyo-expressway and Iwakuni IC and it is about 4 kilometers in the national road 187 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Iwakuni City government office