Kadoshima big bridge

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 The bridge with the 1,780-meter length which was complete in 2000It strides a white sandy beach and Seto and it is the majestic figure which was harmonized with the view.It is the best scenic area in the Nishinaga gate seaside.It is the beautiful sea as it makes think of Beach in Hawaii.Kadoshima to have crossed a bridge has the lighthouse which was built by the English engineer in 1876 (1876).The blooms such as the crinum, the polyanthus bloom.

Location  Yamaguchi Prefecture Shimonoseki City Hohoku-cho
Institution  There are a product shop, a public restroom and an observatory in the entrance of Kadoshima big bridge.
Traffic  If going from the Chugoku-expressway and Mine IC, the being of it of turning right at about 39 kilometers, the Kottoi intersection to Hohoku-cho area in the national road 435 number is done Kadoshima big bridge at about 4.5 kilometers to Kadoshima area.
Parking  It is in the Kadoshima big bridge entrance (Free of charge).
Reference  The Shimonoseki City government office