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 The sandy beach with the 13-kilometer length that Oyama can be looked at to Mihonoseki, the right on the left, 4-kilometer widthThe bow Hama park which is in the opposite side which put in a sandy beach and a road is the comprehensive park the concept of which is "not composed of the one which becomes the hindering of play".Wheelchair however, there are a playground equipment plaza where to play is made, a playground equipment plaza which can be casually used senior citizen however, a plaza at the grass to loosen up quietly and a court where it is possible to enjoy a skateboard and so on.

Location  Tottori Prefecture Yonago City Yumigahama
Institution  The Yumigahama park
Traffic  If going from the Yonago City town, it is about 10 kilometers to the Sakaiminato area in the national road 431 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Yonago office of tourism