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 The maximum dune in Japan which has area with 16 kilometers of east and west, 90-meter heightThe distance to the seashore seems to be short beyond the dune from the parking lot but because the ground is sand, for the leg not to advance as the thinking and to go to the seashore take time for it.The scenery to see from the highest place on the dune is a grand view.If taking the scenery which has a beautiful wave-like pattern the photograph, the early morning when no one is walking is a recommendation.As for the souvenir boiling, "the shallot" and "the Chinese yam" which is grown on the dune are a recommendation.

Location  Tottori Prefecture Tottori City Fukube city Yuyama 2164
Institution  The dune hall (The roadside restaurant, the gift shop)
Traffic  It is about 6 kilometers to Iwami-cho area in the prefectural highway 319 number line.
Parking  Being (As for the entrance at once on the dune, the charged, the dune hall are free of charge).
Reference  The Tottori University dune office of tourism