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 The seashore where that Hama on the loamy soil continues, being arched is beautiful about the Shirasagi seashore which was made a stage in myth "Shirasagi of Inaba"The dots that Shirasagi crossed and the continuing black reef can be seen in the form of the crocodile shark myth as it says.In the summer, the seashore can be enjoyed as the sea bathing and in May, the growing naturally place includes the sweet brier community of the natural monument specification by the country in the Japanese southern limit.There is a Shirasagi shrine at the small shrine to have deified "Shirasagi of Inaba" near the foreign countries.

Location  Tottori Prefecture Tottori City Shirasagi
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Traffic  If going from the Tottori City town, it is about 7 kilometers to the Yonago area in the national road 9 number line.
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Reference  The Tottori sightseeing convention society