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 On the mountain of the Chugoku district highest peak, it has a 1,729-meter altitude.There is Oyama ski area in the foot, in the summer, it is possible to enjoy with the mountaineering and in the winter, it is possible to enjoy it with the ski.The dignified appearance on the mountain can be seen imminently from the road which runs nearby.

Location  Tottori Prefecture Saihaku District Oyama-machi
Institution  There is an observatory near the terminal of the prefectural highway 24 number line.
Traffic  If going from the Hamada-expressway and Hamada IC, it is about 33 kilometers to the Izumo City area in the national road 9 number line.
Parking  It is in the observatory near the road 24 number line terminal.
Reference  The Oyama-machi sightseeing site