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 The museum which is in the hometown, Hanamaki of Kenji MiyazawaKenji Miyazawa is a children's story writer, a poet, an educator.It is known with the work which has peculiar view of the world.Kenji Miyazawa had a great influence on the Japanese literature.The record is left as the museum."The wildcat eaves" is the restaurant of the name which is the same as the restaurant to have occurred in the children's story.There is "the Kenji Miyazawa children's story village" which is introducing a children's story.

Location  Iwate Prefecture Hanamaki City Yazawa 1-1-36
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from the Hanamaki City town, it is about 5 kilometers to the Toono area in thenational road 283 number line. It turns left according to the sign and once
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
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