The Hachimantai shield volcano line

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 Hachimantai which about 40 volcanos center on is the vast forested grounds which extend over Iwate Prefecture and Akita Prefecture.The mountain road and the Hachimantai shield volcano line are crossing Hachimantai.The Hachimantai shield volcano line has the 26.7-kilometer full length.It is easy for the road which goes through the wildwood of the Aomori sakhalin fir to run because the width of road is wide.Every time it increases an altitude, the view becomes grand.In the start period, it is the first ten days in April-the first ten days in November.

Location  Iwate Prefecture Iwate District Matsuo-mura
Institution  There are a roadside restaurant, an esplanade near the top.
Traffic  To the prefectural highway 23 number line of going north by about 32 kilometers in the national road 282 number line if going from the Morioka City town
Parking  -
Reference  The Hachimantai city office of tourism