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 It is formed by the wilderness which was formed by the volcanic explosion in Issaikyo Mountain and the wildwood in the coniferous forest.It is surrounded by Issaikyo Mountain, Agatsuma Kofuji, the tub marsh.Earth well, it seems that there is not the view to have made desolateness.It is in the halfway of Bandai Agatsuma scenic mountain highway.The individual is situated on the 1580-meter altitude and can mountaineer to Agatsuma Kofuji.

Location  Fukushima Prefecture Fukushima City zainiwasaka character Ishigata
Institution  The tourist information center, the roadside restaurant
Traffic  If going from the Fukushima City town, it is about 26 kilometers in the prefectural highway 70 number line and at Bandai Agatsuma scenic mountain highway.
Parking  The parking lot in front of the roadside restaurant is in the free parking lot in being charged for, on the side of doing rabbit plain.
Reference  The Fukushima City sightseeing product society