Agatsuma Kofuji

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 It is a mountain with the 1,705-meter altitude which is in Jododaira.It is possible to climb in about 15 minutes of walking from the parking lot.The 360-degree view and the crater which opened a big mouth can be seen from the mountaintop.Let's be careful because there is a lot of gravel and it is easy for them to be sliminess near the mountaintop.The day to be windy, don't go to the mountaintop.

Location  Fukushima Prefecture Fukushima City zainiwasaka
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from the Fukushima City town, it is about 26 kilometers in the prefectural highway 70 number line and at Bandai Agatsuma scenic mountain highway.
Parking  The parking lot in front of the roadside restaurant is in the free parking lot in being charged for, on the side of doing rabbit plain.
Reference  The Fukushima City sightseeing product society