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 The birthplace of the novelist and Dazai OsamuIt is an about 680-tubo residence all together in 278 tubos of downstairs 11 Muro which was made using the tree of "HIBA" in Japanese 3 Oomi Hayashi, 116 2nd floor 8 Muro tubos, at the garden and so on.The origin was an inn but at present, it is open as the museum.In the opposite side which put in a road, there are a product shop and a Tsugaru Shamisen hall.

Location  Aomori Prefecture Goshogawara City Kanagi-machi Asaesan
Institution  -
Traffic  To Goshogawara in the prefectural highway 26 number line if going from the Aomori City town
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The syayokan