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 The sulfur smell which gathers at one of the Japanese 3 oversoul mountains to stand next to Koyama, Hieizan NULL and the scenery to have made desolateness are difference space surely.The Uso profit lake which did an emerald green is creating the more mysterious view in addition to the view around.Each four spas which are in the Osore-zan precincts has effect and the call person can be freely bathed.The direct voice of flagrant "ITAKO" is done every year on July 20-24th.There is a lodging in temple, it eats a meal of the purifying oneself and can stay.

Location  Aomori Prefecture Mutsu City Osore-zan
Institution  The temple, the store
Traffic  If going from the Mutsu City town, it is about 12 kilometers in the prefectural highway 4 number line.If going from the Mutsu City town area, the road is wide but if going from Yagen' Onsen, the road is careful because it is narrow.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Mutsu City office of tourism