The oma cape

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 The place at the Honshuu northernmost tipIf brightening, as for the end of 17.5 kilometers of linear distance which put in Tsugaru-kaikyo, the city in Hakodate can be seen.The oma cape is able for Hakodate to be gone to with the ferry.This place is tuna fishing, is a flagrant place and a respectively unloaded tuna is traded at the high price in Tsukiji market in Tokyo.

Location  Aomori Prefecture Shimokita District Oma-machi
Institution  The oma cape roadside restaurant, the gift shop, the public restroom
Traffic  If going from the Mutsu City town, in the national road 279 number line, it is about 47 kilometers.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Oma-machi public office