The "jyogakura" big bridge

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 The arch bridge with 360-meter length, 122-meter height from the bottom of a gorgeThe view on Jokura ravine to want from the top of the bridge is beautiful.The spring of verdure, the autumn of the colored leaves are a recommendation.There is an old road on the side of the towada lake at the bridge and it can get off to the ravine but is a narrow road.

Location  Aomori Prefecture Aomori City jyougakura
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from the Aomori City area, in the national road 103 number line, it is about 25 kilometers.
Parking  It is (free of charge) on both sides of the bridge and the side of the Aomori City town is wider about the space.
Reference  The Aomori sightseeing convention society