Aomori Prefecture sightseeing product building "ASUPAMU"

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 The souvenir shop and the restaurant which is in the wharf in AomoriIt is a building in the form of the character of A.The 1st floor sells the souvenir and the marine produces which is made in Aomori Prefecture.There is a sightseeing pavilion in the 2nd floor.There are a restaurant and so on in the 14th floor.The night view and the illuminations at the bridge which spans a harbor can be considered from the 13th floor observatories.

Location  Aomori Prefecture Aomori City Agata 1-1-40
Institution  The product building, the panoramic building, hand-made hands-on exhibit, the observatory
Traffic  8 minutes of be walking from JR Aomori station
Parking  -
Reference  Aomori Prefecture sightseeing product building "ASUPAMU"