The Tsugaru-kaikyo culture building

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 It is in front of Sai fishing port.The information about Sai-mura and on Shimokita-hanto can be known.As for "the advertising plaza", it is introducing the climate, the history, the culture and the sightseeing of Shimokita-hanto by the video."The Sai-mura strait museum" is a museum in the Honshuu northern limit.There is an observation-room which the restaurant, Tsugaru-kaikyo and Hokkaidou which can appreciate the fresh taste of Shimokita-hanto put on in the view.The sightseeing boat where France tours through the inlet and the high-speed vessel of the Aomori harbor leading are navigated from here.

Location  Aomori Prefecture Shimokita District Sai-mura Sai character
Institution  The store, the exhibition hall, the restaurant, the coffee shop, the observation-room
Traffic  If going from the Mutsu City town, it is about 60 kilometers in the national road 279・338 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The ulcers