The nyuto spa "tsurunoyu"

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 The spa, the nipple hot spring village which is popular nationwide"The hot water of the crane" is proud of the 1st popularity the among them.There is taste in the lodgings of the thatch covering and the milky white outdoor hot spring bath.But, remainder because it is popular, there are many persons of being bathed.If visiting, it is morning glory recommendation.

Location  The Akita Prefecture senboku city Tazawako Tazawa master Sawa national forest
Traffic  It enters from Kakunodate area to the road to the nipple hot spring village according to the sign to the Tazawako highland area in the line of the number of 46 of the national road, 341, the prefectural highway 194 number line if going.It is careful at the narrow un-paved road because there is quite much, too, amount of traffic.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The nipple hot spring village