The Namahage building

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 The Oga district traditional event that "namahage" is done every year by the last day of the yearIt does the display of "namahage".The clothing of "namahage" of the different kind is humorous and is funny.In the video televising, the state of the "namahage" event can be seen.At "the Oga Mayama folklore building", it shows "namahage" to the excursionist.

Location  Akita Prefecture Oga City Kitaurashinzan character Mizuhami Sawa
Institution  The museum, the souvenir shop
Traffic  If going from the Akita City town, it is about 50 kilometers via the line of the number of 7 of the national road, 101, the prefectural highway 55 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Namahage building