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 It is the ravine which is near the joining with the upper stream, Oyasuzawa in Kaisegawa.About 4 kilometers of valleys of the type of V with 60-meter depth continue.It is near the Oyasu-kyo spa, too, from here.There are few, too, persons in the stroll in the morning and so on and the feelings are "II" for it.There is a way of promenading on the riverside of being able to be gotten off under the ravine by going down the stairs of about 300 paragraphs from the parking lot.

Location  Akita Prefecture Yuzawa City all Sebata and so on
Institution  The esplanade, the dining room, the gift shop
Traffic  If going from Yuzawa City, it is about 30 kilometers to Tsukidate area in the national road 398 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Yuzawa City product sightseeing information