The Mt. chokai

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 The mountain with the altitude which is high with the 2nd at the Tohoku district about the Mt. chokaiIt is lofty in the border in Akita Prefecture and Yamagata Prefecture.Because the high mountain doesn't exist around, the 360-degree great panorama can be viewed.Chokai blue line is the road which it is possible to climb to station on the way at the Mt. chokai.The observatory is in the highest position at the road.The sea and Oga Peninsula can be viewed.There are highlights at the nasono-shirataki waterfall and the Kuriyama pond park and so on in the Honjo City sickleshaped entrance of Chokai blue line.

Location  Akita Prefecture Yuri District Kisakata-machi
Institution  It is a tourist information center on the versant.
Traffic  If going from the Akita City town, it goes south in the national road 7 number line and itis about 63 kilometers. It turns left in the prefectural highway 58 number line inKisakata.
Parking  -
Reference  The nikaho city government office