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 Literally, it is the port town where there is a spa.There are rows of stores and houses on a street with emotion to make notice that Iwami-Ginzan is prosperous.It prospers as the therapeutic bath at present, too.There are two public spas and the among them, "Yunotsu Motoyu" and "the Izumi medicated bath" are the spa that the outward appearance which has taste is a characteristic.The diabetes and the skin disease, specifically, there is an effect in the neural disease.

Location  Shimane Prefecture Oda City Yunotsu-machi Yunotsu "RO"
Institution  The accommodations, the spa, the dining facility
Traffic  If going from the Hamada-expressway and Hamada IC, it is about 33 kilometers to the Izumo City area in the national road 9 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Yunotsu-machi office of tourism