Shinji-ko Lake

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 Shinji-ko Lake is located in the eastern part in Shimane Prefecture.Fresh water and seawater are known as the mixed "brackish-lake".As for Shinji-ko Lake, it is possible to catch Yamato corbicula which is proud of the catch which is the best of Japan.On the lake, it is the uncommon lake which the freshwater fish and the fish on the sea are swimming.If coming respectively, the setting sun which sinks into Shinji-ko Lake is the place to want to see by all means.The combination of "the bride "KE" island" and the setting sun which occurs to Shinji-ko Lake is flagrant when it is very beautiful.

Location  Shimane Prefecture Matsue City
Institution  -
Traffic  The national road 9 number line going-along Shinji-ko Lake setting sun photography spot is this.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Matsue City government office