The Makuragi-san observatory

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 Nakaumi, the Matsue City town, Shinji-ko Lake, Oyama and so on can be viewed from the observatory near the top in Makuragi-san with 456-meter altitude, the historic old temple Kazo temple.The day to have brightened, it is possible to see Okinoshima, too.

Location  Shimane Prefecture Matsue City Makuragi-san
Institution  -
Traffic  It is about 12 kilometers in the prefectural highway 252 number line.A prefectural highway 252 number line is called a Makuragi-san scenic highway, too.The side 1 lane road of the narrowing that there are many curves in the prefectural highway 252 number lineBecause the 1.5 front kilometers get for the torii at the entrance at the temple to be narrower at the narrow road which can not not do a turn and meeting and parting if going from the Kazo temple, the full-size cars such as the 3 number car should not go.However, it is possible to do a view if there is NHK's antenna tower near the top at the Makuragi-san scenic highway and it goes from this place.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Matsue City government office