The Kyomise "KARAKORO" plaza

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 The plaza with the European style which spreads to Kiyobashi riverside which flows into Shinji-ko LakeIt surrounds the relief workmanship and the plaza of Yakumo Koizumi's who lived in Matsue and there is a diner of the Japanese food, the culture and the Chinese food in the wall.There is a terrace type esplanade where the nostalgic streetlight stands in line along Kiyobashi river in front of the plaza.There is "the "KARAKORO" atelier" in the opposite shore on the river and there are an atelier to introduce workmen such as the glass, the silver, the ceramic art, the old cloth, the woodcraft which made "the great master" who used the building of the branch of Matsue of the Bank of Japan of old a theme to and so on.

Location  Shimane Prefecture Matsue City Den-machi 43
Institution  The diner, the sightseeing boat
Traffic  If going from JR Matsue station, it is about 1 kilometer to the matsue castle area.
Parking  It uses a parking area with charge around.
Reference  The Matsue City government office