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 It is record-high "the Sue board masterpiece museum" in Japan which the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. group established in Tokushima Prefecture Naruto City as the establishment 75 anniversary commemoration business.It bakes a masterpiece in the world and an ancient wall painting on the Sue board by the advanced technology and it is reproducing them, being full-scale.Little degradation occurs at the Sue board even if the years pass.Therefore, it is possible to save permanently approximately.It is the one which extremely has a value.The inside of the building may take a photograph the photograph.It is possible to touch, too.

Location  Kochi Prefecture Naruto City Naruto Cho
Institution  The museum, the restaurant, the store
Traffic  About 2 kilometers of be Naruto-kaikyo area (turning left) if going from the Koube Awaji Naruto motorway and Naruto north IC
Parking  Being (The charged)
Reference  Otsuka international museum