The Naruto park

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 Onaruto Bridge which spans Naruto-kaikyo can be viewed.There is "the road of the whirlpool" of the way that the inside of Onaruto Bridge can promenade.It is possible to go on foot to the halfway point at the bridge via the bridge part in Onaruto Bridge and the whirling current can be seen.Tempered glass has been put in the footing and there is a thrill.

Location  Kochi Prefecture Naruto City Naruto Cho Tosadomari
Institution  Onaruto Bridge esplanade "the road of the whirlpool", observatory "electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis Hill Naruto", the that the Onaruto Bridge building the bridge is done museum
Traffic  About 2.5 kilometers of be Naruto-kaikyo area (turning left) if going from the Koube Awaji Naruto motorway and Naruto north IC
Parking  Being (The charged)
Reference  The Naruto office of tourism