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 The cape in Shikoku Southernmost PointIt is in the tip on the Ashizuri peninsula.The power is in the state that the cliff continues and that the Kuroshio Current washes.The way that it is possible to promenade is serviced and by passing through the trees of the cycad, the place boiling cliff can be viewed.There is Kongoufukuji of Kobodaishi relation in the cape.

Location  The Kochi Prefecture Tosashimizu City ashizuri cape
Institution  The store, the accommodations, the nature trail
Traffic  If going from the Nakamura City town, it is about 39 kilometers in the national road 321 number line, the prefectural highway 348 number line.It is better not to be accepted because the prefectural highway 27 number line of the Ashizuri peninsula coast going-along is the view which seems to be a south land but the more difficult meeting and parting is, it is the narrower.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Tosashimizu City office of tourism