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 Kotohira-gu which is flagrant with "konpirasan"It is in the breast of elephant Toyama.It is gathering God on the sea than the ancient times and as the extensive God such as the prosperity of the staple grains fertility, the big catch prayer and the business, it is gathering the belief of the pious people from national throughout the length and breadth of the land.The stone steps at the approach to Shrine to Honguu are 785 paragraphs.It is 1,368 paragraphs to the adytum which is in the breast of elephant Toyama.There are a main hall of the shrine, a treasury building and a study, picture Mado and so on in konpirasan boiling and they, he can see national treasures class number 々.

Location  Kagawa Prefecture Nakatado District Kotohira-cho
Institution  -
Traffic  It follows entering, a sign in Kotohira-cho in the national road 319 number line or the national road 32 number line.
Parking  There is to do (charged) more than one being but the parking area with charge near JR Kotohira station is wide.
Reference  Kotohira-gu