Shodoshima and Kankakei

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 It is a ravine at Shodoshima who was formed in the volcanism in front of 1300 Mannen.It is known as the Japanese 3 Otani valley beauty.The wall of rock and the colored leaves of the big rock are flagrant.Because Shodoshima is a small island, he can view a ravine and an Inland Sea of Seto.

Location  Kagawa Prefecture Shodoshima Uchinomi-cho
Institution  The ropeway, the store
Traffic  There are a way of going up with the ropeway and a way of going up with the car in the entrance to Kankakei.When going with the car, it uses Shodoshima scenic mountain highway (the prefectural highway 27 number line).The ropeway stop is about 15 kilometers in the national road 436 number line, the prefectural highway 29 number line if going from Tonosho harbor.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Shodoshima office of tourism