The Dogo Spa main building

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 The lofty building of the three-layer structure which was built in 1894It seems that it calls the dignified front entrance of the tile-roofing "the right spa in Japan".There is large indoor bath "the hot water of the god" in the 1st floor, there is a hall in the 2nd floor and there is a compartment for the rest in the 3rd floor.It was a flagrant spa in Natsume Soseki's novel "boccyan" but it became the topic of conversation if supposing that it acted as a model in Yuya of animated movie "hiding 1,000 and Chihiro's god".

Location  The Ehime Prefecture Matsuyamashi Dogo Yuno city
Institution  -
Traffic  It is near the Iyo Railway Dogo Spa station.
Parking  Being (It uses a parking area with charge around).
Reference  The Dogo Spa inn cooperative