The Hinomisaki lighthouse

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 At the lighthouse which stands in Hinomisaki of the continuing view of strangely shaped rock, it is said to that it does 43.65-meter height, that it does about 63-meter height from the surface of the sea and it is proud of the best in the East.The lighthouse of the chalk which stands on the seashore is doing the appearance which is as beautiful as not to see a kind to the others.If paying a 150 admission fee, the observatory can be climbed, too.As for the neighborhood of Hinomisaki, an esplanade concerning the seashore, too, is serviced and the setting sun to see from here is beautiful.

Location  Shimane Prefecture Izumo City Taishiya-machi Hinomisaki
Institution  There is an observatory in the lighthouse. There are a gift shop, apublic restroom, an esplanade in Hinomisaki.
Traffic  It is about 12 kilometers in the prefectural highway 28 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Taisha office of tourism