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 It is a lighthouse in "Hinomisaki" of the continuing view of strangely shaped rock.It is the lighthouse to be proud of the best in the East with 43.65-meter height, about 63-meter height from the surface of the sea.It is the lighthouse of the chalk of the beautiful appearance.It is possible to climb an observatory at the 150-yen admission fee.There is a way that it is possible to promenade along the seashore around Hinomisaki and the setting sun to see from here is beautiful.

Location  Shimane Prefecture Yasugi City Furukawa-cho 320
Institution  The museum, the garden, the tea stall, the restaurant, the store Itboils out in front of the parking lot and there is a shop of thecloud buckwheat noodles.
Traffic  It is about 8 kilometers in the prefectural highway 45 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Adachi museum