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 Yobuko morning market is Japanese 3 Oasa city.As the morning market which faced a fishing port, New Year New Year's Day is open throughout the year in addition to the recess.It is selling the 12:00 time local marine produces and farm products from 7:30.A lot of wagons join.The port town where Yobuko prospered as the commercial port at the harbor of the whaling of the Karatsu feudal clan in the Edo periodIt is the origin that a packman was selling farm products and marine produces and is said to have become the form of the morning market.Yobuko is flagrant with the squid and there are many dining room where the meal which used a squid is eaten.As for the souvenir boiling, "the squid stemaed meat dumpling" is a recommendation.The mansion which was built in the middle of the Edo period when whaling was done formerly is saved as the cultural asset in the city.

Location  Saga Prefecture Karatsu City Yobuko-cho oaza Yobuko
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from the Karatsu City town, it is about 17 kilometers in the line of No. the national road 204 number line, prefectural highway 23, 47.
Parking  There is a free parking lot on the side (the side of the land is a drag store) of the fishing port which put in Yobuko morning market and a fishing port at the way of heading for Yobuko big bridge fro
Reference  The site of the information of the sightseeing of the neighborhood of Saga Prefecture Yobuko-cho