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 It started as the Chikugo-gawa bridge of the former Japan National Railways Saga line, but at present, a Saga line is abolished and only a bridge is left.It is serviced as the way of promenading which joins Saga Prefecture Morodomi-cho and Fukuoka Prefecture Okawa-cho.The central part at the bridge rises to the 23-meter height to 1 hour by hour.It was subscribed as the important cultural asset in the country in 2003.

Location  Saga Prefecture Saga City Morodomi-cho
Institution  There is a store in the bridge entrance on the side of Morodomi-cho.
Traffic  If going from the Saga City town, it is about 9 kilometers in the prefectural highway 30 number line, the No. 260 line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Saga office of tourism