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 Seven cave which the rough wave in Genkai can have done by eroding the cliff of basaltIt seems to have arranged a cooking stove.It is a cave with 3 meters of scope, 3-meter height, 110-meter length.The cave can be visited at the sightseeing boat.(In the winter, it stops a sightseeing boat in the navigation).There is a way of promenading around.The number 々 of the encroachment of the basalt which was washed by the wave in addition to seven iron pots, too, can be seen.This place is the sight to see of the fishing.

Location  Saga Prefecture Karatsu City Yakataishi
Institution  The esplanade, the public restroom
Traffic  If going from the Karatsu City town, it is about 16 kilometers in the national road 204 number line and at the municipal road.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Karatsu office of tourism