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 The history of the alternating current between Japan and Korean Peninsula from the ancient times can be known.Nagoya castle is the castle to have built a castle in about 400 years before.It made make for the general and Toyotomi Hideyoshi of the country engaged in civil war to go to the continent.There are many excursionists to visit geographically from Korean Peninsula and a Korean notation is written.It is possible to understand what to be related.The one which shows relation between Japan and the Korea about the recent times can grasp history about the ancient times-the warlike ages without the remainder.It is possible to go to the ruin of a castle of Nagoya in 1 minute of walking.

Location  1931st of Saga Prefecture Karatsu City Chinzei-cho Nagoya 3
Institution  The museum
Traffic  If going from the Karatsu city, it is 40 minutes with the car.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
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