The ruin of a castle of Nagoya

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 Nagoya castle is the castle to have built a castle in about 400 years before.It made make for the general and Toyotomi Hideyoshi of the country engaged in civil war to go to the continent.The area is about 17 hectares.At present, the castle is only not to be and that there is a vacant lot in it.As for the elegant view, it seems that it wants to be made a prize as well as the Osaka-jo.About 130 daimyo group traces are discovered by the range with 3-kilometer radius mainly in Nagoya castle.If walking in the vast vacant lot, the area can actually feel.When seeing Ishikaki which was buried in earth, different-shaped Ishikaki, it is possible to understand to have been enlarged.Yobuko big bridge, Kabeshima can be viewed from the donjon trace.Saying that it is sometimes possible to be far seen to Tsushima the day to have brightened wellOf the sight to see in Sakura however, it is and in the spring, a lot of persons come.

Location  Saga Prefecture Karatsu City Chinzei-cho Nagoya
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Traffic  If going from the Karatsu city, it is 40 minutes with the car.
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Reference  Karatsu office of tourism Chinzei branch office