The Mishima park

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 5 minutes of walking from the side of "Genkai sea "PAREA"" of the facilities of spa's being bathedIt is in the hill to look at the temporary shelter bay and it makes the whole peninsula a park.It is possible to play with the playground equipment of the place boiling athletics at the way of promenading and so on.In the spring, Sakura is beautiful.In the early summer, the azalea is beautiful.

Location  Saga Prefecture Karatsu City Genkai-machi oaza Ishida
Institution  The natural park
Traffic  If going from about 30 minutes, Genkai sea spa "PAREA" with the car if going from the Karatsu City town, it is 5 minutes of walking.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Karatsu office of tourism