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 6, the villa and the garden of 800㎡ which multiplied time in 9 from 1892 and built up itIt is a business baron, Itami Yataro in Saga that it made.The villa is a thatch covering roof.At the garden, the colored leaves in the autumn is beautiful.Every year, for about 1 November week, an opening to the public is done.

Location  Saga Prefecture Kanzaki city
Institution  -
Traffic  It gets off the Nagasaki-expressway and Higashiseburi IC and it is about 2 kilometers to the Fukuoka area in about 4 kilometers, the prefectural highway 21 number line in the prefectural highway 31 number line.
Parking  It houses 100 free parking lots (the Mt. Nihi park parking lot) in the "kunenan" is villa entrance.
Reference  The Kanzaki-machi office of tourism